Law Services in Russia

The lawyers of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce will help you in matters of Russian law and provide legal information on Russia.

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Company incorporation in Russia

We offer you assistance in registering LLCs, representative offices and branch offices in Russia.

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Legal assistance in Russia

Our lawyers will support you on legal issues related to your current activities in Russia.

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Debts collection and representation in court

Our lawyers will help you to settle disputes in pre-trial procedures or take on representation of your interests in Russian courts.


Contracts review in Russia

We will review your contracts with Russian partners and thus help you to avoid legal risks in Russia.

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Compliance check of business partners and "sanctions check"

We will check the solvency of your business partners in Russia and the possibility of sanctions imposed against them.

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Assistance with customs clearance in Russia

AHK Customs experts provide legal advice, and our external customs experts offer their support in resolving complex situations concerning the import of goods into Russia.

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Handbook of Law and Taxes

Our handbook "Law and Taxes" answers frequently asked questions on Russian law