Debts collection and representation in court

Our lawyers will help you to settle disputes in pre-trial procedures or take on representation of your interests in Russian courts.

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Our dispute resolution and debt collection specialists will act as mediators in disputes and in debt collection in Russia.

You can also use our services for representation in court and enforcement of court decisions.

Our Services

Pre-trial settlement of disputes (debt collection)

Any litigation is associated with material and time costs. The Russian legislation provides the possibility of dispute settlement in a claim procedure (pre-trial settlement) so that the parties can be able to maintain business relations and avoid unnecessary expenses.

In this regard our specialists offer the following:

  • legal consultancy;
  • verification of the validity of claims;
  • compilation of a detailed list for the debtor,
  • solvency check;
  • drafting a letter of requirements, taking into account the specific circumstances;
  • negotiations and correspondence with the debtor;
  • sending a formal complaint.

Preparation of a lawsuit

In the event that disputes are not resolved within the pre-trial settlement period, there is also the possibility of protecting the violated rights in the court proceedings. A well-settled claim plays an important role here.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing foreign companies in Russian courts, can help clients to draw up the right risk and prepare the necessary documents. The lawsuit is filed with a competent court.

Representing interests in court

If the dispute between the parties has not been resolved in the pre-trial procedure, you can assert your rights in court. The Russian judicial system has its shortcomings, but it has a clear structure and can work effectively. In addition, comparing with courts in Western countries, proceedings in Russia are more compact, faster and cheaper.

Our lawyers offer you competent assistance in courts of general jurisdiction as well as in arbitration courts of all instances.

Enforcement of court order

It is not easy to prove your case in a legal dispute, but it is much harder to achieve the execution of a court decision that has come into force.

To ensure the enforcement of court decisions that have entered into force, we offer the following services:

  • assistance in preparing additional documents with information about the debtor;
  • filing an application for initiation of enforcement proceedings;
  • cooperation with the Federal Bailiff Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the fastest possible enforcement of court judgments.