Market entry and business development in Russia

Entering the Russian market and working in Russia involves overcoming a number of obstacles and should be well planned and thought out. We are ready to offer you exclusive solutions designed specifically for your company.

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Office-in-Office: sales development and sales increase in Russia

German-Russian economic relations are of great importance for both countries. Due to numerous ongoing and planned investment projects in many industries and the country's strategic goal of modernization, Russia offers German suppliers good business opportunities. Important remains the possibility of being present on the Russian market, the development of distribution channels and the increase in sales.

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Finding business partners

We are happy to help you find and make contact with business partners in Russia, and we can find address details and general contact information for you.


E-Commerce & Digital Market Entry

With over 95 million Internet users, Russia is the largest Internet market in Europe. The Russian e-commerce sector has been growing continuously for years in double digits - not only in the B2C but also in the B2B sector. This growth trend is continuing despite current obstacles in the economy.

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Delegations & business events

AHK Russia organises and provides support for entrepreneur trips, trade fairs, roadshows, conferences and other events in Russia and Germany.


Analysing the Russian market

We can assist you in analysing the Russian market and provide you with important and relevant information.


Production localization in Russia

The establishment of an own production in Russia for foreign companies has become important in recent years - the localization and restoration of the Russian industry is more important than ever for the Russian economic policy. This opens up great opportunities for German companies, especially medium-sized ones, and more and more companies are following this path.


Recruitment in Russia

We help you to fulfill your challenging recruitment needs on the Russian market. Find the best professionals in Russia with us!


Representation of the region South Brandenburg (Germany) in Russia

We develop and strengthen the bilateral economic relations between the German region South Brandenburg and Russia and support companies on both sides in establishing business contacts and in their market entry activities in Russia and Germany.