Market entry projects „Office-in-Office“: sales development and sales increase in Russia

German-Russian economic relations are of great importance for both countries. Due to numerous ongoing and planned investment projects in many industries and the country's strategic goal of modernization, Russia offers German suppliers good business opportunities. Important remains the possibility of being present on the Russian market, the development of distribution channels and the increase in sales.

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Entering a new market is usually associated with significant costs for foreign companies. International companies are often confronted with problems such as lack of market knowledge, cultural differences, language barriers as well as lack of personnel and financial resources. For over 10 years we support German companies and organizations, that want their own business representation in Russia with our service - market entry projects "Office-in-Office“.

Within the framework of this service, a project manager selected by you will represent the interests of your company in Russia and take care of the development of your company's activities on the Russian market. This service is a much cheaper alternative compared to registering your own legal structure in Russia: there is no need to hire staff, rent office space or employ your own accounting department. Each project is individually supervised by the responsible person. The total project costs are discussed in detail in advance and settled according to a service contract.

If you would like to become active in Russia and do not know exactly which way would be most suitable for you, please contact us! We will support you in building up your sales in Russia.

Possible reasons for starting an market entry project „Office-in-Office“ with us:


  • Market Check

Efficient follow-up on existing contacts, e.g. processing of trade fair contacts and dealing with current requests; active search for new customers; deep market analysis and development of an effective market strategy; marketing activities in national language incl. the creation of a Russian-language website and more;

  • Revenue Assurance

Support with sales expansion (in case of pre-existing business activities in Russia): search for distributors and logistics companies, further business partners, key account customers and intensification of cooperation with them;

  • Assistance with the establishment of a legal entity in Russia

Companies that are planning to set up their own entities in Russia or are already in the foundation process and consider the Office-in-Office model as a short-term solution;

  • Exit from the Russian market

Support in order not to lose existing qualified staff by closing subsidiaries in Russia; reduction of costs for being present on the Russian market by transferring all administrative and organizational tasks to an external service provider.

Concept of the market entry project „Office-in-Office“:


The project manager is exclusively responsible for your project and is the link between the German company and the customers and business partners in Russia. You deal with his technical guidance, define his tasks and control the results. We take over the disciplinary control and the entire administrative work.


Possible tasks of your project manager

I. German companies with a focus on sales:

  • Processing of current requests
  • Active search for new customers, cold calling
  • Visit of fairs and other relevant events in Moscow and the Russian regions
  • Communication with existing customers
  • Market analysis and development of a market entry strategy
  • Search for business partners and distributors, coordinating and increasing collaboration efficiency
  • Delivery coordination
  • Taking care of complaints
  • Advertising (translation of the website, creation of Russian-language brochures, advertising in magazines, etc.)

II. German organizations with a focus on education, research, strategic cooperations etc.

  • Intensive cooperation with Russian companies, universities, associations and other institutions
  • Establishment and maintenance of economic and political contacts in different sectors
  • Research of economic information, data and market analysis, reporting
  • Organization and support of trips to Moscow and the Russian regions
  • Organization and implementation / active participation in different events (conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc.)
  • etc.


If you decide for a business presence, there are 3 options: Your project manager can either have a work-place or a separate office on our premises or work from home and only use our conference rooms for customer meetings.

Our office solutions include all necessary services:

  • Provision of a business e-mail address and local telephone number
  • Furniture and technical equipment incl. computer, telephone, printer, internet, IT support
  • Use of the conference rooms
  • Use of the kitchen with coffee, tea and water

It is possible that your project manager will work from home (home office) and will only come to the office when necessary to conduct negotiations. All our infrastructure (conference and meeting rooms, kitchen, etc.) will be gladly provided, including the possibility of organizing professional events with all technical equipment, catering and everything else necessary.


As an AHK member you can successfully develop Russia as a business location and benefit from the many advantages of membership. You can learn more about this under the link:


Advantages of our market entry project „Office-in-Office”:

  • Business presence in Russia without establishing an own legal entity
  • Reduction of your costs for entering the Russian market (we estimate approx. 30%)
  • Short preparation phase and quick project start
  • Individual selection of your project manager and exclusive permanent representative in Russia
  • Focus on business and minimize your time for building up complex organizational structures and administrative handling of your business in Russia
  • Clear cost calculation and transparency of the project budget
  • Full compliance with Russian law and fraud protection
  • Years of experience, expert knowledge and a qualified team
  • Individual project support

References and experiences of our customers


The German company Lechler GmbH is working with the AHK since 2016. Jürgen Frick, the company's Head of Metallurgy, reports in an interview about his experiences with the service and with the market entry in Russia.

In October 2017 a new company was registered in Moscow - OOO "BackExpert". The activity of one of our market entry projects “Office-in-Office” led to this result. Elena Beltsova, General Director of OOO "BackExpert" tells about the development of sales on the Russian market.


According to our Office-in-Office principle, several projects are set up within the AHK structure. These are international companies who are establishing their sales in Russia, German organizations representing different regions of Germany or special projects - initiatives with several participants that pursue a common goal.

Upon request, we can send you reference letters from other customers.

On business trip in Moscow or St. Petersburg? Use our office space!

If you are in Moscow or St. Petersburg on business and are looking for a quiet workplace or conference room for a business meeting, we are happy to provide you with our free office space free of charge. Furthermore, we would be happy to advise you on market entry and sales development in Russia.


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