Finding business partners & contacts

We are happy to help you find and make contact with business partners in Russia, and we can find address details and general contact information for you.

Finding business partners

Is your company looking for Russian sales partners to meet your needs, with the capacity and experience for joint working?

We can conduct a targeted search for suitable companies and prepare a short summary of the target market, with a view to market situation, market volumes and key players.

Our services:

ServiceProcessing time
Module 1: analysis of market, competition and target group10-15 working days
Module 2: making contact and expressing interest20-25 working days
Module 3: organising dialogue10-15 working days

We can provide support at trade fairs. Please contact us for more details.

Contact finding

We can find and prepare lists of contacts for you, so you can get in touch with relevant people directly.

Our services:

Contact details of TOP 30 companies 2-3 working days
Contact details of TOP 50 companies 3-5 working days
Contact details of TOP 100 companies 7 working days
Contact details of TOP 200 companies 7 working days
Finding personalised contact details Depends on time and effort required