German-Russian Initiative for digitization of economy (GRID)

German-Russian Initiative for digitization of economy (GRID) combines the efforts of commercial and public sectors in the field of digital economy and industry 4.0.

From German part the founder and core of this initiative is German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations and the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, as well as Siemens, SAP and Bosch, Remondis, Volkswagen Group Rus. On the Russian side, the GRID included: the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), Rostelecom, Zyfra, Sinara Group, Kaspersky, RosTech and Skolkovo Foundation. Representatives of the German and Russian parties, both commercial and non-commercial organizations, are allowed to participate in the GRID.

The aims of the initiative are:

  • Support of Russian-German dialogue on the highest socio-political level for application of European experience and best practices in the field of digitization and the development of innovations;
  • Accelerate the transformation of the Russian economic sector and increase the competitive advantages of German and Russian products through the exchange of experience and the creation of referential models of interaction;
  • Expansion of the presence of companies in the markets of the partner countries of the GRID, as well as the establishment of ways of interaction between the organizations forming the Russian economy and the leaders of the European markets;
  • Support of Russian organizations in the determination and implementation of their strategy for the digitization of the commercial sector and the country's economy.

The GRID-Partner from the German Part:

The GRID-Partner from the Russian Part: