Recruitment in Russia

We help you to fulfill your challenging recruitment needs on the Russian market. Find the best professionals in Russia with us!

When companies want to enter a new market and operate successfully on a long-term horizon, a highly qualified team is the major condition for the desired target.

With our recruitment service in Russia we help you to cover the demand for qualified, bilingual personnel timely and competently, relying on our profound knowledge of the job market, extensive contacts in various industries and many years of experience in dealing with the special features of Russian applicants. Therefore, you can find your ideal professionals in Russia without any difficulties.

Our strengths:

  • Highly motivated and experienced team
  • Profound knowledge of the labor market
  • Solid contacts in various industries
  • Many years of experience in dealing with the specifics of Russian applicants
  • Access to professional industry networks, proven online applicant databases
  • Extensive internal candidates’ database
  • Individual and selective approach to filling vacancies

Our services:

  • Deep initial analysis of the requirements and agreeing on the search strategy together with the client
  • Preparation of the recruitment process (working out a job description or translation of the client’s variant; advertising the information on all local and international recruitment platforms)
  • Identification of suitable applicants through databases, professional social networks and direct contacts
  • Pre-selection of candidates and conducting preliminary interviews
  • Informing clients on the results of the recruitment stages and handing over the relevant applications with an evaluation and reports on the candidates
  • Arranging personal interviews with short-listed candidates with a client on AHK premises or in the customer’s office.